Freitag, 29. Mai 2015

Something only exchange students will understand

Hello my dear readers!

It's weird how much you can miss a life and people that you've only known for a few months. Crazy, that they become so important to you in such a short time.

I know I'm not the only one because I always see all the posts on Facebook in those groups with exchange students from all over the world. We feel all similar.

But isn't that silly? All those exchange students who claim to have had the time of their life? Doesn't this sound like a fairy tale?

Hahah yeah maybe. It is our own little fairy tale that we try to keep in our hearts. But we do not lock it away. No, we always open up our stories and keep telling about the amazing experiences we made.
Don't blame us for talking to much about it tho! :D Because in fact, we live in our own little bubble when it comes to telling or thinking about our time abroud.

This is probably only understandable for those who did this crazy thing called exchange year. ;)

I wish all students near and far good luck for their final exams. Almost done! And then we can all start to visit our beloved friends and family who we miss each and every day!

But you know what? Why don't we start know?

Hello Belgium, here I come...

Xoxo Mia


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