Montag, 21. Juli 2014

Canadian flag and scrap book

Hey everyone!

I promised to write something on this blog from time to time, so here I am!

Somehow I never posted a picture of my canadian flag and the scrap book I got:

My host mum got the flag for me so that I was able to let all my friends sign it. It's too sweet what so many people wrote. One thing that I realized is that Canadians and Internationals tend to write more often that their going to miss you. On my opinion Germans don't say this that often...

The scrap book was a real surprise for me! My three best friends made it for me and tried to fit in 5 months in which tons of pictures where taken. It obviously didn't work out that all the speacial people and moments are in there. However, way more important is that I have every single memory locked in my heart. <3

My canadian best friend Cat is going to visit me for two weeks in August! This is for sure now! You can't imagine how happy and excited I am to welcome my bestie in Germany. :)

See ya!


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