Samstag, 26. Oktober 2013

Last two weeks and the roads of Nova Scotia - Mia

Hey :)

The reason for not posting something the last two weeks isn't that I didn't do anything. It's just because I don't want you to tell everytime, that I had a sleepover with this friends and that I met this day and this day these friends.
Stuff like that.

The last two weeks were pretty full of sleepovers, meeting friends after school, going to the gym and learning for school. So nothing I could really talk about.

I guess this weekend is the only one, I didn't have plans the whole time. So it's so new for me just to sit home.
Unfortunately, I don't live in town. When nobody is home, I can't go anywhere. That means I pretty much stuck at home. Nothing I'm used to...

Oh well, hope that my hostmum comes home soon so that we can go somewhere.

My mum once told me I should take a picture of the road here.
Here we are! Beautiful weather in Nova Scotia... how is the weather in Germany?

How often a car comes? I would say every minute, sometimes more often! :)

Love to everybody all over the world! Hope you have a great weekend


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