Montag, 14. Oktober 2013

Pumpkin painting, hockey, apple picking and Thanksgiving - Mia

Our school organized for all internationals pumpkin painting on Wednesday. We should invite some canadian friends, so did I. After school I spent time with my canadian best friend Cat and we went to that pumpkin painting in the evening.

Not really a beautiful one, I know :D

Friday was the first school hockey game and the first hockey game I went live to. Unfortunatally, we lost.

We went apple picking on Saturday.
Our drive to the vally took almost 4 hours. And we got sooo many apples. I'm sure I ate around 8 apples only that day. I forgot taking pictures, sry.

This weekend is Thanksgiving. For that reason, Monday is a day off. Some families do their family suppers on sundays, some on mondays. We had ours today but actually it wasn't different from those we have every Sunday. We just took some family pictures at the lake.

See ya

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