Freitag, 7. Februar 2014

About my trips - Mia

Hey guys!

Sorry, for not letting you know how and where I was the last weeks...

Right now, I'm in New Jersey and before I was in Halifax, Montréal and NYC!
In each city I had an awesome time with my parents. Especially New York because this city is simply amazing!!!

Because I have tons of pictures I decided to create some new pages on the top of our site.
I'll try my best to do that as fast as I can and also to do an english and german version.

Miss you all back in Canada! Wished I could be with you! ♥

I'm getting back to Germany Feburary 12th. Looking forward to that a lot!

Klick on the Cities to go to my days in:
- Halifax (Nova Scotia, Canada)
- Montréal (Québec, Canda)
- New York City (USA)

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