Donnerstag, 7. November 2013

Rememberance Day - Mia

"Lest We Forget"

November 11 is Rememberance Day in Canada. We remember all the people that died in the world wars and the korean war. There are still wars that are present where soldiers fight for justice.

Second and third period was for that reason an essembly in the gym. It was a really serious one. Speaking about war makes everybody sad, I guess...

Everyone got a poppy for putting on their clothes

Well this is how the gym looked like before the essembly started. Couldn't take pictures during it because cellphones are not allowed.

We will go to Halifax tomorrow for going shopping. I'm so excited and hope I get everything I need! We could invite a canadian friend, so my bestie Cat comes too. Think we will have a great day. Even if we will drive a lot...

See ya, guys

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  1. Kannst du nicht mal an die armen Menschen denken, die kein Englsich können? Also ich jetzt nicht, aber irgendwen der kein Englisch kann würde es sicher interessieren, was das bedeutet.