Freitag, 29. November 2013

This is We Day! - Mia

We Day wants to motivate us to change something in this world. Everybody can change a litte. And We Day makes us believe in it.

Wednesday, I've been to that concert in Halifax. Check out the webside for more information about We Day. Or go on their facebook page with over 3 Million fans!

Do you see all the lights in the audience? Everybody had a bracelet with a flashlight. So everytime you clap your hands the light flashes.
Imagine 8.000 people clapping to the beat. It just looks amazing!

 Our whole group had tattoos with the we day sign. And here you can see the flashlight.

I feel like I became so social in Canada. :D Have 3 projects going on the next weeks plus the Culture day in our school which is next week.

Okay guys, let's be part of the We Day movement!

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