Sonntag, 22. Dezember 2013

The week before Christmas - Mia

Hey guys!
Such a super busy week!

On Monday, all exchange students went to an elementary school to present a Christmas program for the little kids and to show them something about all the different countries we come from.

Tuesday was then Culture day in our High School. All internationals didn't have classes but represented their countries for the whole school in he libary.

Wednesday was school canceled because of too much snow.

Thursday evening was finally the Semi formal dance! After it was canceld last Friday because of too much snow.

My best friend had a Christmas party at her house on Friday.

And now we have Christmas break!

I'm excited for Christmas in Canada. It's gonna be different for sure.

So many canadians are allergic to Christmas trees so almost everyone has a fake one. It's not the same, I find.

The snow melted completely. Sad story. :(

Merry Christmas to everybody! Where ever you might be....

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